Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Greetings to Our Church Family!
We have ended our second work day in Ol' Miss.

Tai Chi Master Ron Smedley leads the group
Today was in the upper sixties and low seventies so, temperature wise, it was a grand reprieve from the frosts of Michigan. We began our day at 6 A.M a little before sunrise, had a bountiful breakfast, a devotional from Nancy Merrell and a Tai Chi warm up directed by Ron Smedley. We got to our two worksites (the team is split into two) by 9 0'clock. Though we are involved in two different homes, our work has been fairly similar. All of us are sanding and mudding dry wall. The sanding is gritty work to say the least and it requires lots of shoulder motion so at night we open the bottles of Ibuprofin, Aleve, and Motrin to keep the old bones moving.

Nancy and Joyce deciding what to do first.
One of the homes we are working on is totally new. It sits in the spot of the owner's original home which was swept away during Katrina from a bayou surge 600 yards away. Though the Gulf has had thousands of volunteers like us, there are still many people like our homeowner, who wait for a very long time to accumulate the resources or the help enabling them to return to home.

Peter, Rena, Frank, and Estelle are hard at work.
Drywall work is time consuming. After two days we have now finished sanding a second coat of mud on walls and ceiling and and have begun more mudding where needed. Much more to do tomorrow when we will again bring you news from ol' MS.

A P.S. on the weather. We understand there were tornadoes in northern Mississippi but near the Gulf here we have been safe and sound. We send you our very best wishes and love in Christ.

2012 Katrina Mission Team

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