Monday, January 16, 2012


Off to work on Monday Morning
Your mission team had a safe but tiring trip to Vancleave on Saturday and Sunday, but we were rewarded with warm,sunny weather in Mississippi and an opportunity for a photo op with Ronald McDonald when we took a break in Smith's Grove, Kentucky. In order to obtain our preferred lower bunks, we zipped down as fast as we could on Sunday, only to learn, upon our arrival, that the other church group had canceled their visit, so we have Camp Hope to ourselves.

Frank's Team's House
We split into two teams, led by Ron Smedley and Frank Wassilak, to perform similar tasks on two homes: drywall sanding and mud application. Frank's team is working on a new home, replacing the home which had to be demolished, because Hurricane Katrina caused the roof to collapse. Ron's team is working on an older home which has been totally gutted and rebuilt inside. We may not be able to meet the homeowners, because they are living elsewhere during the rebuilding. We have learned from the staff at Camp Hope that the owner of the home where Frank's team is working is owned by a woman who is caring for her blind mother, and temporarily living and working in Mobile.

Ron's Team's House
We returned to Camp Hope this afternoon, weary and very dusty, but looking forward to continuing tomorrow, so we can help these families return to their homes and continue the process of rebuilding their lives.

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