Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thursday January 19

Eating PoBoys on  the Gulf
Today was another beautiful day, brisk in the morning, but sunny, breezy in the upper 60's.

The crews headed to their homes by 9am for another day of mudding and sanding...teams Fritz and Cunningham picked up a tasty lunch from Bozos (specializing in PoBoys) and headed for the Gulf shore to enjoy our lunch by the water.

After an afternoon of exhausting hard work, the crews returned to camp to celebrate Nancy Merrell's birthday complete with a surprise birthday bunk, crown, gifts, cards, and cake.

Our evenings are spent knitting,
There's nothing more relaxing than knitting after a hard day's work.

reading, puzzling,  and writing blogs......
The thrill of a victorious puzzle piece and the agony of defeat.

Until tomorrow....good night!!

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